New Plan after BDR Mutiny

New Plan after BDR Mutiny

‘ Joe Fleishman ‘

After failed BDR mutiny they are plotting something different. This time they want their plan to be well-organized and without the chance of any malfunction. They are working for their new plan. This is what a CID officer told who doesn´t want to expose his in media. Here we will call him Mr. X.

Soon after the British Citizen Faisal was arrested in Bangladesh in an accusation of terrorist involvement, British police was also arrested 11 Pakistani students in a suspected terror plot. Now UK police is saying that this Faisal and other 11 Pakistani may have involved in a similar terrorist plot. Both Bangladesh and UK government is investigating the whole matter individually.

It has been learned that Faisal has some involvement with an Indian guy name Ali Adnan who is also a very good friend of Tareq Rahman, elder son of former Bangladeshi Prime Minister Khaleda Zia. Some eyewitness report said recently Tareq was found along with Adnan in “The Crispin” pub in Finsbury Avenue London. They met several times before and after the Bangladeshi national election.

Ali Adnan lives in Dubai. He was there since he was 4. Adnan first met Tareq in Dubai. He is thought to be a one of the ringleaders of Indian born terrorist Daud Ibrahim. Adnan now has his own business in Glasgow.

It is amazing that from out of the blue some of the opposition student leaders claimed that government is planning to kill Khaleda Zia. In taskforce interrogation cell Faisal has given similar type of information. Faisal admits that recently he met with some leaders of opposition Jamat and the BNP´s student front Chhatra Dol.

However, the Mr. X told us, they have found some evidence that Faisal came to Bangladesh with several particular mission. Interrogation with police and CID Faisal has given some alarming information. Although Faisal is not fully confessed this but they are suspecting that Faisal has brought some message to those leaders from UK. What was so special message there?

Let´s look at the series of event happening in Bangladesh. After the election BNP completely has rejected the result and condemned country´s military for their defeat. Soon after that, country was shocked by the country´s border guard BDR´s mutiny. Government however solved the crisis by dialog which BNP literally opposed. BNP was asking for military action –cause of which is really mysterious. Why BNP was looking for such action which could cost hundreds of life and could pour fuel on fire to spread violence all over the country? Answer of this question is yet unknown.

Recently, Bangladesh government has cancelled the lease of one of the two houses of opposition leader Khaleda Zia. That was a long controversial house. But after this cancellation opposition BNP went stubborn that if government won´t cancel the order they will fight for government resignation. But still BNP is not getting enough public support from this issue.

From BDR mutiny, arrest of Faisal, his description and confession in TFI cell, the latest addition regarding Zia´s Cantonment house and so called threat on life of opposition leader –is not the matter which detectives are taking lightly.

Detectives have gathered information that BNP will stage a drama of -assaulted by the government. There is a terror plot is underway to illustrate an attack on opposition leader Khaleda Zia, where she will slightly injured and some top BNP leaders who are not very welcome in the party and not very popular will be assassinated. In their list name of a former army general is also included. This possible attack will help BNP and Jamat allies in many ways. First of all this will give them a good enough ground to make it a strong issue against the government. Secondly, BNP can get rid of some leaders who are not wanted in the party but essential to keep BNP undivided. Thirdly they can counter with the fatal grenade attack on then opposition Awamileague meeting during BNP´s time which killed at least 22 people and severely injured many others including current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.


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