One more extension for Bangladesh army chief?

One more extension for Bangladesh army chief?

Blitz Exclusive

Chief of Bangladesh Army, General Moeen U Ahmed is set to get one more year extension when his tenure finishes on 6th April this year.

A highly placed source in Awami League, on condition of anonymity said, the government decided to extend the service tenure of General Moeen.
Meanwhile, there are indications of massive changes in the army administration following the post-massacre situation. Two of the Generals were already sent on retirement on Thursday.
Bangladesh government also on Thursday, withdrew ban on Youtube site, which was blocked few days back for posting a content titled ‘Sena Kunja Exclusive’, which contains audio conversation of the meeting between the Prime Minister and members of the armed forces. Although the Bangladesh government lifted the blockade, the contents were not removed from the site. Due to the blockade, the content issue got maximum exposure in the international media. According to sources, number of hits in the specific files have increased several folds.
Another source told that, list and details of the aggrieved officers, who were vocal during the meeting are being secretly prepared by a quarter at the verbal instruction from the ruling party. Reason behind such steps are yet to be understood.


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