HuT kingpin Selim Ponni is the neo Shaikh Rahman

Special Correspondent

Bayejid Khan Ponni alias Selim Ponni is the kingpin of notorious Islamist militancy group named Hizb Ut Towhid [HuT] in Bangladesh, who continues to train his own suicide bombers and militias within this notorious Islamist group for years, is gradually emerging as the neo ‘Shaikh Abdur Rahman’ in the country. In his book titled ‘Dazzal’ Selim Ponni terms Jews and Christians as the worst evils and enemies of humantiy. He calls upon the followers of HuT to kill the Jews and Christians for buying heaven. Published by Towhid Prokashon [Towhid Publishers], this extremist book is distributed from Pustok Bhaban, 31/32 P.K. Roy Road, Bangla Bazar, Dhaka. HuT continues its organization in different parts in Bangladesh through a selected number of cadres recruited by Bayejid Khan Ponni. This organization uses 0171-5002439, 0175-2337461, 0152-302845, 0152-365167 and 01711-005025 cell phones along with hundreds of mobile number in giving instructions to its cadres around the country.

According to information, Hizb Ut Towhid, althoudh were getting organized inside Bangladesh for years [since 1996], it recently established a small unit in Indian state of Kashmir with the objective of providing fund and arms-explosives to the Muslim militants within that area. This organization considers India as ‘enemy of Islam’ for what it said “repression and murder of Muslim in Jammu and Kashmir”.

Bayejid Ponni in his book titled ‘Islamer Prokito Roop Rekha’ [Main policies of Islam], wrote, till the democracy is not replaced with Sharia rule in any society, armed struggle should be continued.

Quoting prophet of Islam, Bayejid Ponni said, till everyone does not embrace Islam, war should continue in the world by all the Muslims.

He said, “As ‘punishment’ of abandoning Jihad, Muslims in Europe are being made into slaved of Christians.”

He quoted Allah saying, “If you abandon Jihad [armed struggle], I will punish you”.

He said, because of abandoning armed struggle and Jihad, we have been made into slaves of Europe, America and Christians.

He suggests members of his group to migrate to other countries with the objective of continuing Jihad against Jews and Christians. According to information, a large number of HuT members are already sent abroad [in the Western nations] with Jihadist indoctrination.

He inspires the members of this notorious group to reject democracy and all other forms of governance except that of Sharia rule. He promoted murder of non-Muslims and even Muslims following democracy as ‘noble cause’.

HuT has its own ‘Video Wing’ wherefrom speeches of Bayejid Ponni are distributed amongst the members of this group. In most of these videos, Bayejid Ponni gives instigative speeches to his followers, which are very similar to those of Jamaatul Mujahedin Bangladesh [JMB], a banned outfit. It is even learnt that, for years, this group has gained strength as well as gathered arms and explosives with their targeted offensives on September 9, 2009. Bayejid Ponni has been telling his followers of a massive offensive by HuT in Bangladesh on 9 September to show strength of their group to the world.


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