US, Canada and Australian missions in Bangladesh threatened

Special Correspondent

Embassy of the United States of America, Canadian High Commission and Australian High Commission in Bangladesh has been threatened by Malaysia and Indonesia based Jamiya Islamiya Al Qaeda.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police [Gulshan Zone], Hafiz Akhter, threat mails came by fax to both the foreign missions on May 6, 2009. Following information received from the missions concerned, Bangladeshi law enforcing agencies have tightened security measures in both the missions.

According to Bangladeshi police, the fax message was sent from Malaysia. In this message, Islamist militancy group Jamiya Islamiya Al Qaeda asked the US Embassy, Canadian High Commission and Australian High Commission to wrap up their activities from Bangladesh within seven days. It was also mentioned in the fax message that, if the missions will continue after the deadline, their premises in Dhaka shall be blown with bombs.

Another source in Bangladeshi law enforcing agencies said, similar fax threat was also received by German embassy in Dhaka.

Following the threat messages, although security measures are tightened in all the foreign missions in Bangladesh, there is still serious security lacking in American International School and Australian International School in Dhaka.

According to information, Apu Siraj [son of corrupt and fleeing former minister Shahjahan Siraj] is now living in Malaysia.

Shahjahan Siraj

Shahjahan Siraj

Apu and a number of former close aides of Hawa Bhaban, are conspiring to destabilize the present government. It is anticipated that, Apu and his pals might have hands behind the mysterious fax threat message sent to a number of diplomatic missions in Bangladesh.

It may be mentioned here that, Apu Siraj fled the country right after political changes on 1/11 along with the other members of his family. They have purchased three luxurious condominiums in Malaysia and are also running multi-million dollar business there.

It is learnt that, Apu Siraj is contacting various terrorist groups in various countries from Malaysia with the ulterior motive of destabilizing the democratically elected government in Dhaka. He has alone made more than US$ 17 million through various illegal means taking the advantage of his father being the minister as well by using the name of Hawa Bhaban and other influential members of the BNP government.


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