Bangladeshi Persecutions

Bangladesh a small deltaic country in South East Asia, has a predominantly muslim population of over 180 million,making it the second largest Muslim nation in the world.Right from its brth in 1971 Bangladesh has been ravaged by internal military coups and power struggles.The present democracy of Bangladesh is itself a turbulent parameter which requires International Observers to ensure its credibility.

Recently the Saudi funded Wahabists are slowing exercising their grip over this nation in an attempt to convert it into a monoethnic Islamic state founded mostly on the religious Talibanic intolerance.The Elected Democratic Governments recently have to enter in sever compromises with the radicalists groups to ensure their survival.The country is experiencing an insurge of Talibanised activities,suicide bombings and military trainings in the Madrassas.

Ashok Deb analyses the volatile politics of this nation,and tries to give an insight of the shady policies of the ruling parties,which remains unknown to the International Community


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