Ahmediya Persecutions

Extremist Mullahs in action against innocent and peace loving Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Muslims in Bangladesh. Terrorist Mullahs are giving open threats of filling the streets with Blood. Ahmadiyya Islam is Peaceful & most logical understanding of Islam. Whereas Mullahs Islam is hatred & violence in the name of Allah.

Persecution of ahmadis in Bangladesh continues under the banner of Khatme nabuwat Movement.

Terrorist Mullahs in action against Ahmadiyya Muslims. Persecution of innocent Ahmadi Muslims at the hands of Terrorist Mullahs in Bangladesh. Is this the kind of Islam for which the Mullahs are striving to achieve in entire world?

Part 2 of Ahmadiyya Muslim Persecution by extremists Mullas in Bangladesh.

Ahmadi Muslims are being persecuted in a number of Islamic countries now including Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia. This video is a small glimpse of the persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in such countries. The message of Ahmadiyyat is “Love for All, Hatred for None”. For more information on Ahmadiyyat visit their official website: http://alislam.org

This is a small documentary on the persecution Ahmadi Muslims in Bangladesh.


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