Golam Azam


Gholam Azam

The head (Amir) of the collaborators (Rajakar) of Pakistani occupation army and a heinous war criminal. The vile monster behind  the genocide of 1971, rapes and molestation of 45,00,000 Bengali women and murder of hundreds of pro Bangladesh intellectuals. In one of the photos recovered from the archive of Pakistan military intelligence Gholam Azam and his top associate Motiur Rahman Nizami are  seen handing the list of the names of progressive Bangalee intellectuals over to the Pakistani generals for elimination. The guru of extremist Islamic ideologies in Bangladesh. The lLeader of 70,000 Razakars, Al-Badr and Al-Sams forces. (New York  Times, 30 July,1971).

On receiving an urgent telegram from Maududi, Gholam Azam went to Lahore, on 22 November 1971, to see him. He could not return to Bangladesh as his citizenship was revoked by Sheikh Mujib government. Failing to return to Bangladesh the arch criminal went to Mecca, ostensibly, for Hajj.  From Saudi Arabia Go Azam traveled Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Beirut and Libya to lobby against Sheikh Mujib government and raise funds for counter revolution. Following his extensive international PR activities Go Azam arrived in London. From London he published the Jamati newspaper Daily Sangram on a weekly basis.  In 1974, the weekly Bichitra published a very interesting report on Gholam Azam’s activities in London: In early 1974, Gholam Azam presented a blueprint of anti Bangladesh activities at a committee meeting held in a house in East London. According to a reliable source some Pakistani nationals were also present in that meeting. The participants in that secret meeting were: AT Sadi, Toaha bin Habib, Ali Hossain, Barrister Akhtar Uddin, Meher Ali and Dr Talukdar. Pakistani citizen Mahmud Ali is one of the top Pakistanis present in that meeting. The chair of the meeting Gholam Azam said ” to continue our activities from London will be difficult. So someone has to go back home. We ought to take risk-otherwise there will be no outcome. But if you go home-you will have contacts. I have already contacted my people. Everything is okay. Handing out a leaflet to all members present Gholam said it has to be distributed among the people of every village of Bangladesh. People are with us. According to some sources the said leaflet contained propaganda for a proposed confederation with Pakistan. Others believed that it called for an Islamic revolution organized using the network of mosques. Some people were reported to have arrested near Dhaka carrying those leaflets. Gholam also mentioned the proposed support for anti Bangladesh activities from Pakistan and some other Middle Eastern countries. (Like Zia) Gholam said ‘Money is not a problem’. It was heard that Gholam collected 45,000,000 Reals  from Saudi Arabia for reconstructing the mosques of Bangladesh demolished during the war. Shrewd Gholam spent a large portion of that money to purchase a house in Manchester in UK. Presently his son Mehedi Hasan is living in that house. Gholam’ eldest son Kaifi Azmi is a senior officer in Bangladesh Army and believed to be working as a link between ISI cell in Bangladesh Army and Jamati Terrorist groups.

Gholam, Rao Forman & Malek, discussing blue print for killing the pro Bangladesh intellectuals

Golam Ali: The portrait of Golam Azam by Dr Humayun Azad

Golam Azam’s public appearance in Chittagong killing secular activists by Taslima Nasrin


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  3. Commission on War Criminals of Bangladesh

  4. Saiduzzaman Raushan: Speeches and Statements of Killers & Collaborators of 1971

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